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Retroviruses, Envelopes and Metabolic Markers





 IGMM - UMR 5535

 1919, route de Mende, 34293 Montpellier


Phone: +33(0)4 34 35 96 40 or 42





We are interested in all aspects of mammalian retrovirus infections, including their interactions with cellular factors and their co-evolution with the host. Our latest discoveries on retroviral envelopes (Env) and their receptors opened us to cellular metabolism. Our projects thus encompass five main themes bridging mostly over Axis 2 and 3 of EpiGenMed :

1. Retrovirus innate restriction factors and cross-species transmission
2. Exogenous and endogenous retrovirus envelopes and receptors
3. XPR1 and phosphate metabolism
4. Nutrient transporters and cell differentiation
5. Metabolic biomarkers of pathological processes

Keywords: Retrovirus ; viral envelopes ; receptors ; transporters ; metabolism




Main publications

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